As the new Children’s Ministry Director of the Asbury Church I ,Linda Carver, would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share time with your children.  I have spent most of my career as an elementary teacher in school and church settings so I am excited to serve again in this capacity.

With the new school year fast approaching, the Asbury Church will also be gearing up with a new fall start with Roots Kids. (aka Sunday School). We would like your input on how we can support your child/children and give them the best spiritual experience possible. Our new services starting times starting this fall will be as follows:


8:30-9:30 – Traditional service

9:30-10:30- Fellowship time- (breakfast served in the Cafe- start time to be determined)

10:30-11:30- Praise service

We have a couple of options on when we can have children’s Roots Kids’ time.  We would love to know what fits your schedule. Roots Kids’ Time will take on a new look from the typical Sunday School era.  All the children will be meeting together in the Tree House area where the lesson will be taught to all.  After the lesson we will split the groups up and have a discussion followed by an activity and/or craft.  Then back together for a closing. We understand schedules are hectic and we would like this time to be a relaxing time to enjoy worship and fellowship with your church family. Please fill out this short survey to help us accomplish that goal.

FYI- I would like to make a personal phone call to each family after you know all the information.  My number is from Cedar Rapids- 319-573-9687 so it could show up as an out of town number. If you have a child/children older than 5th grade and would like to help with Roots Kids I would love their service.


Thank you for your time.  

Linda Carver