The most recent Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church states:

“All creation is the Lord’s, and we are responsible for the ways

in which we use and abuse it. Water, air, soil, minerals, energy

resources, plants, animal life, and space are to be valued and conserved

because they are God’s creation and not solely because

they are useful to human beings. God has granted us stewardship

of creation.”

We may be uncomfortable thinking and talking about our world’s

pollution, the climate crisis, species going extinct etc. It’s depressing.

Meanwhile, the planet, humans and other living creatures are in distress.

How should we respond as Christians?

As Christians we have a call to help those in distress, a responsibility to educate ourselves and make necessary changes in our lives. To start, we can acknowledge truth of what is happening, look for ways to put our faith into action by caring for Gods’ creation and provide hope in a society that may be in despair. We honor Gods’ creation by protecting and supporting it.

Here at Asbury, we can choose to learn, plan and respond to these topics.

We will be posting special events and actions in upcoming “Good News” and on Facebook. (There is not a regular time or place to meet.)

We are calling this ministry “Stewards of Creation”.

“Stewardship is the wise and careful management of someone else’s resources. Stewards are entrusted with something valuable, sometimes priceless, that belongs to another.”

Stewards of Creation

Seeks to:

· Initiate ways Asbury can become a “Green Church”.

· Provide awareness of recycling opportunities, environmental changes and climate concerns through books, movies, speakers, emails and field trips.

· Give notification of church or community events related to recycling, protecting the environment and climate change awareness and action.

· Provide opportunities to talk with other Christians about these topics. Together we can learn the truth about this subject, seek hope and discover how to take meaningful action in our individual lives and together as a church community.

Join us as we learn and put our faith into action through ecological discipleship as we respect and care for creation.

Stewards of Creation
Congregational Challenges

Spend time out in the world enjoying creation.



Let’s improve our recycling efforts. Whatever you already do, try to do a little more.

Use a reusable bag instead of accepting plastic bags at the grocery store.


Use Less Plastic

Do as many of these as possible.

• Refuse plastic straws. Bring a reusable or paper straw or go without.

• Use reusable containers instead of single-use plastic storage bags.

• Use a reusable bottle and stop purchasing bottled water

• When available, choose paper milk/orange juice cartons instead of plastic containers.


Less Food Waste

1. Only buy what you need.

2. Use all fresh fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy purchased.

3. Be sure to eat leftovers from homemade meals and restaurants.

4. Donate extra food (contact Churches United or Riverbend Food Bank)

Explore “on line”: 34 Ways to Waste Less Food and The Food Rescue Partnership


Find alternatives to wrapping paper

Consider each purchase carefully

Congregational Challenges 2019


Reassess To Use Less Energy

Make a household plan to turn off un-needed lights

Turn down the thermostat & wash some laundry in cold water


Offer a ride – Show Christian love to a neighbor and the planet


Conduct a Home Energy Audit

Some things you can do: Use LED light bulbs, dimmer switches, lower temp for hot water, turn off computers at night, use energy-efficient appliances, have adequate insulation, a programmable thermostat and change your air filters regularly

April /May

Plant to support birds, bees & butterflies

As spring approaches and you plan, purchase and grow plants, remember our precious pollinators. How can we help provide for them?

Examples of activities in 2019

Scott Area Recycling Center Tours – August and September

Movie/Speaker Event – September

Introductory clip – Katherine Hayhoe, an Evangelical Scientist

“Everything Connects” documentary film

Guest speakers – Kurt Liske – Scott Area Recycling Center and Karen Nader with Terracycle

Terracycle Collection (located in west church coat closet)–Started in November

· Plastic cereal bag liners from inside cereal boxes

· Chip/Snack bags – family or individual size, any brand (No candy bags please)

Green Church initiatives – Added recycling bins, goal to omit Styrofoam products for kitchen use. Energy efficient LED lightbulbs added including new outdoor lighting fixtures.

Response cards – Opportunity to tell our story as we respond to the challenge to care for Creation.