A United Methodist congregation which is located within the wall of the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women in Iowa. Worship is on Thursday evenings at 7pm in the Sacred Place Chapel. 
The diverse community is composed of women incarcerated at ICIW. Men and women from around the State of Iowa who choose to worship together and many volunteers who regularly support the ministries and programs. They gather together to share the teachings of Jesus Christ and to experience the life transforming Spirit of God.
As you can probably already guess, very few women get the opportunity to pack a bag before they’re incarcerated. Unlike taking a business trip, or going on a vacation, most people don’t plan to be arrested, and so normally find themselves unprepared for the experience. What little they do have when they are arrested is taken from them, and they enter into this new experience with nothing more than the generic clothing and meager personal supplies provided by the State to sustain them physically though this traumatic experience. Needless to say, the state provides them with nothing to support them spiritually.
The Iowa Correctional Institution for Women (ICIW) receives an average of 60-80 new female prisoners every month. As you can imagine, most of them are struggling to come to grips with her new circumstances, and trying to understand how they can begin to turn their life around.The answer for many women is the return to, or discovery of, faith.
For those seeking to travel deeper in their understanding of the Christian faith, the primary source book is the Bible. However, for most of the women new to prison, a bible isn’t among their scant possessions. The prison Religious Library has a few copies available for loan, but Women at the Well receives dozens of requests every month. In order to make it possible to provide bibles to all those who request a copy, we need your help.Bibles for Our Sisters is a program which allows individuals, churches or organizations to donate bibles for distribution to women in need within the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women.

Prayer Requests from Inside (Thursday, 1/16)
     and Y (Tuesday, 1/21) Worship

Dear Women at the Well friends,

  • The judge to have mercy on me Jan. 27
  • Patience, me to leave soon, K and his family, us together, the girls and my dad; to get together in God speed. K
  • My family, friends, for all the men, women in prison. and for all the men, women in Scott county jail; and for the parole board. K
  • My children, my mother and brother; getting my parole for the 28th of Feb.  D, M, M, Father, R; K
  • That God provides a safe place for me to go when exiting prison preferably with family. P
  • Reunification with family and friends and for my kids and better half. A
  • My Grandpa to do well and to stay alive and strong; D
  • My Reconsideration of my sentence ; my boys stay safe and healthy; my enemies and inmates here and that I go home to house of mercy soon; Thanks; H
  • Me to start ACTV (Class) and be able to see my mom; and more understand of God in my life. R
  • Pray for my family as they lay my grandfather to rest Tuesday, Jan. 21; J
  • My mom, she worries so much about me being here; please pray for peace. M
  • My parole next month; my family to grow with me. N
  • S, pray I get into ACTV class soon. Also for my families well-being.
  • J and kids peace happiness and safety. D