Congregational Caring
The Asbury Caring Congregation includes anyone who would like to visit care centers, home-bound, ill or others unable to attend worship.  You may choose who to visit or you may call the church for suggestions.  You do the visits on your own timeline and at  your convenience…plus there are no committee meetings!  🙂

Just as you enjoy watching a child’s face light up, why not light up the face of one of these members with a visit?  Putting a smile on someone else’s face is more rewarding than you can imagine.

As servants of Christ, we want to serve others compassionately by reaching out to as many as possible.

It is helpful for the parish nurses and pastoral staff to know who is being visited….please take just a moment to record your visit below on the easy-entry form as a brief follow-up!
Thank you so much,
Brenda, Carol, Cheryl and Pastor Tom