GOOD NEWS! - January, 2018

Mitten Tree

Asbury’s Church and Society Commission is collecting mittens, hats and gloves through January to take to the Friendly Thrift Center. 

There the customers may purchase the items at a nominal cost. Please help us with this very worthwhile project. 

The items may be placed in the Caring Box, located in the office.

Your generosity is most appreciated


Thanks for Your Kindness

On behalf of Asbury’s Church & Society Commission and those who have been blessed by your generous outpouring of caring for others,

we THANK all Asbury Members and friends for your participation in the following seasonal projects!

*Baking and buying cookies at the Cookie Walk!

*Asbury’s 4-Year-Old Preschool class for ringing the Salvation Army Bell at K&K and walking to the Bettendorf Food Pantry to hand deliver their gifts of food!

*Filling the Toy Box with Toys!

*Donating hats & mittens for the Mitten Tree! (continues through January)

*The Decorating Committee and all their helpers for decorating Asbury (inside and out) for Christmas. It is truly beautiful!

*All who volunteered to ring the Salvation Army Bell at K&K.

*All who reached out to others by supporting Asbury Preschool, Churches United and Mid-American Energy Project Aid through your generous donations to our Thanksgiving and Christmas offerings.

* To the Middle School Youth Group for all the Outreach Projects they participated in during Advent