Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for:

  • [that] my place to call home goes through. - K
  • my parole to leave. Watch over my husband & kids. - J
  • me, K, and my family. I just ask God to keep us safe and being peace amongst us all, here in this institution and out. I ask for traveling grace for the volunteers. - K
  • C & C--that we find a church and stay in our Bibles and pray, as well as repair our marriage. Keep me out of prison. - C
  • me and my family to be together at home. Bless my babies. For me to do God's will in my life. Heal Alice. My husband to become the man God has intended him to be. - A
  • L and our son, K, as we try to be reunited. Thank you.
  • my family all over the USA and Des Moines. My stay here. My classes. A job soon. Get along with inmates.  Health-wise. - K
  • Please pray for my little girl and let her know that Mommy will be home soon. - B
  • my two girls, for health and safety. Prayers for my mom's health with her knees and ankles. Prayers with my family for the loss of my uncle. Prayers for my marriage; for my husband to find a better job. God bless! - L
  • my family (R). M--for her post-conviction. J, R, C
  • healthy baby. My son, S; his dad, K, and their family. My grandpa, and that I get granted my parole in a few weeks. - J
  • S, who died too young.
  • my kids and grandkids. I won't be there only in mind, body, soul. Thank you. - L
  • myself and my children. Myself, to be home for the holidays and to get my HiSET (high school equivalency test) in school here at ICIW (the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women). Thank you. Amen. - A
  • my friend S. I haven't talked to him since April; I just hope he's OK.  - K
  • that God leads me down the path he has for me; that my children will want to be a part of my life. 
  • my children & my grandparents and people suffering around the world.  - S
  • for me to get a bed in Ottumwa halfway house very soon. All the women and staff at ICIW. - J
  • for my family to reunite. For me to be patient and to be brave. All the negativity in this unit.  --K
  • E with good news for her test results; S's blood work comes back that lupus is not detected; The world in general; S's travel plans.
  • Please pray that my reconsideration has been granted.  - M
  • S's health and test results; N; R's health and finances; strength and humility.
  • D; C and my family; D; J; D; the world; Jesus.
  • my sons, L & K, that they stay strong and continue on the right path. My friend A, that he finds his way. My friend D, who is getting released soon.  - S
  • D to get well; she's been very ill. For myself and to get strength to prepare for when I leave in 8 days on 11/22/2017.  - C
  • my sister C--strength to deal with maintaining employment, her restraining order, DHS, and getting her sons back. Myself, for faith, strength and hope when I leave on 11/22. - C
  • my marriage to work out. For my husband to love me again. - S
  • my family, son, health, faith. - L
  • I pray for my enemies. to lift them up in their own lives and do good things for them, by the love of God.
  • my mom, K's, health; my two kids to come back to me, A J and T, and pray for all m other kids and grandkids. And to bring me and my dad and sisters back together, and that God will bring a good husband in His time that's of God.
  • Lord, bless my family. Keep us covered in the blood of Jesus; watch over my children. Bless my aunt L with everything her heart needs. Keep my children close to you. Bless S and his family. Lord, make him sober; give him strength. Give J strength and protect her and her family. Bless my enemies, Lord. You deal with my enemies, as well as you bless my loved ones.
  • E and her family. For strength and wisdom to go home soon. Thank you. God bless.
  • I ask for you to say a prayer for R to have the knowledge to pass her HiSET so she can get paroled. Thank you.
  • Lord, bless C and her issues. Lord lift her up, bless her spirit. Don't let the Devil have your child. In Jesus' name. - C
  • my daughter and myself, that we leave ICIW soon. Pray for my great-grandson, that his cancer doesn't come back and  that my daughter's cancer is gone. Thank you.