Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for: 

  • my kids, my family, my roommates and the bond we share with one another. Don’t let [anything] come between us. Come into my life and cast out all evil spirits. – T
  • A to humble herself and do Your will. I want to keep her kids and her family in my prayers; help her to stay patient. I am giving you my problems today.
  • forgiveness.
  • me; my son, J; my daughters S & M. For peace, reconciliation, love, trust. - K
  • [that] things go good for [me] when I get run for parole at the beginning of May. Please pray for my children and family.
  • my parole soon; my physical well-being.
  • that I get into my class this month so that I can get run [for parole]. – A
  • my family and I. I still don’t have any idea how long I will be incarcerated. – J
  • my two girls, for health and safety. Prayers for my father-in-law, that his mass Is benign. Prayers for my mom’s health; for my cousin in Boston, that they get all the infection in her body; for me, that they figure out my heart. – L
  • to open and fill my heart and mind with joy and happiness and strength and courage. – B
  • E—her husband lost his job; D—just had surgery on her shoulder and can’t do her job right until September; for my kids to come visit. – A
  • my friends I will be leaving behind next week. For me to keep sober and get back to my family. – K
  • my attitude to get better towards people, whether they treat me right or wrong. Pray for me to [be] humble, to not let the negativity get the best of me. Give me strength and guidance. Pray for things to go good for my parole home; for me to be healthy and my body to heal; for my family to stay strong. – B
  • Pray for everlasting life.
  • me to touch other people’s lives with my story; to get even closer to God and to preach His words; to stay strong with Your wisdom and courage; to get the help that I need to become a better person, to work on my weight. For peace in the units of this prison. - B 
  • my family and A’s family--God knows what they all need the best. Thank you. – A
  • boyfriend, W; the hearts of authority figures; [thanksgiving] for Pastor Lee’s faith and service to the prison. – C
  • wisdom, guidance, my sentencing judge. God’s grace and for His will to be done in my life! – A
  • T, my sister; she has been raising my four children and struggling also with her son and addiction. Please give her courage, strength, and hope. Please and thank you. – T
  • Lord, bring peace into G-2 (a housing unit at the prison), and please watch over my kids. Come, turn my life upside down. Be with A; she needs you. Amen. – T
  • my reconsideration and appeal; my son, A, and that he’ll find it in his heart to rekindle our relationship and build one with my granddaughter, C A. – J
  • me, to not give in to the drama or gossip around me; to get my parole/discharge. For my sister, M, and her husband to get the help/medication they need to take care of the kids. For my medicine to work and to let me pass my classes. – B
  • my family, loved ones to know God and for me, too. Peace and love for everyone on earth. To have the things I need. - M
  • my brother, J. - D
  • that I get to leave June 1. Pray for my daughter, A; for J. - S
  • my family; for my daughter, who is getting married on the 21st; for my homecoming, and for those who are suffering. - T
  • my sons L and K; that they stay strong, focused and safe; me rising above my guilt and shame; my friends A and M; all the girls in the MLO unit (Unit Y) and their loved ones. - S