Prayer Requests

Listed below are the written prayer requests offered during worship, as well as those left in the Sacred Place throughout the week. (Names have been removed to protect the identities of the women, their family members, and friends.) 

As always, thank you for lifting these special concerns of these precious sisters in your prayers this week!

Please pray for: 

  • C and C, my brothers, who are going through tough times. May they have peace.  - C
  • KP and RP--for joy, light, strength, and love; my son, I, A, J for salvation and a place for us to stay, and that I get my parole. - R
  • that my grandma’s health is well.  For my daughter's sobriety; for my grandbaby’s safety and happiness.
  • anyone struggling with addiction; anyone hungry, homeless, or in need. Thank you.
  • Thanks for my job at the ARL; prayer for C’s parents to forgive me and to [experience] God's comfort and His peace. Thank you, in Jesus' name. - A
  • me to get run (for parole) and be accepted and go home. Praise the Lord! - K
  • my interview for a new job; my time to go fast, and for my family. - R
  • my parole officer to set an appointment so I will get a date to leave. - N